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Since the 15th century or more, wooden nutcrackers have gained prominence in Germany. But has people got fancy, the implements did likewise. Ever since nutcrackers and other wood products have gained popularity in German families. They’re now used as gifts alongside puzzles, as decorative and has been somewhat thought to bring luck.

When the 1950s began to come to an end, the highly skilled German; Fritz Rascher, began to learn to turn wood on a lathe. His tutor was a neighbour, and they were situated in a small town called Roth. Though short compared to Nuremberg located northwards of her, Roth has however grown in reputation as a home for manufacturing excellent nutcrackers, toy soldiers, dolls et cetera. Now, Nuremberg; the second most significant place in the German state of Bavaria has not only been famous for its historical landmarks like the walled old town and imperial castle. Numerang has also been famous as the toy city of Germany. Much that the annually held International Toy Fair Nuremberg, the colossal trade fair for toys has confirmed this wide acclaim.

This creative versatility has not just been found in Nuremberg; it has also been found in other regions surrounding Nuremberg. One of these surrounding places is Roth. So for an increase in family income, Fritz started to woodwork during job free periods. But when he moved to a bigger house, the house space increased as well as people’s demands for Christmas celebration toys and all raised. Fritz and the entire family in the mid-sixties began to work immensely so that the company expanded to making hundreds and thousands of candelabras and Christmas celebration toys.

By this time, the former cellar house with a combined building was no longer suitable as a production house because the space turned insufficient. The company then resorted to making a company building on neighbouring land. The company continued to proliferate that the family members quitted their personal paying jobs to catch up with the development of the Rascher family company. As time progressed and in the seventies, the company diversified to making all original wood products which mainly included furniture.

Great interests were still attributed to making celebratory decorations say for Easter and Christmas since these were where Fritz, the founder, had much freelance to express pure creativity. As new customers began to work, Fritz made progress in branding and diversifying decorations for the same products. According to his artistic patterns, different designs of smokers, wood decorations and nutcrackers were now available. This growth and diversification made Fritz see his products proudly. Yet, no one gave him accolades neither did the customers realize the brain behind all of the inventions and craftsmanship from the start till finish. The only way to understand how hard Fritz and his wife; Anneliese Rascher, worked was to go to the little town of Roth. There at Roth, one could see how aligned the smokers and other wood arts are, how polishing, painting and other processes are tasking. But only a few customers made their way to Roth.

Meanwhile, Fritz and the crew deepened their attention on the marketability of these products while promoting the brand name. This turned the whole situation around positively. But in 1986, three weeks before Christmas, the company caught fire just when vital last deliveries were to be made. This occurrence dealt so fatal a blow that it felt like the Rascher’s family history and years of hard work was faded. The highly anticipated customer products were now soaked in water at the damaged company building site.

Still, the 25th-anniversary foundation celebration of the company was close by, so small production began again in the spared family house. This time, production was more creative with the formation of previously unknown designs. A prominent leader of the craftsman community contracted the Rascher family company; they worked well. But not long after the heightening success, the company got closed for health and age reasons.

After so long a time, the third generation persons of the founding Rascher’s family have eventually taken up largescale production. Although, through the years, the family have continued to make limited productions has advised by private collectors and big customers.
Once more, we present to the local and international public, our most sought after traditional wood art collections. Decorate your homes both during the festive periods of Easter and Christmas and all year round.

Your Rascher Family.

Products we offer

The Peter Rascher family company offers all painstakingly handmade fine wood arts from Bavaria, Germany. These products include nutcrackers, smokers, wood figurines and all. And they’re born from an extraordinarily trend of passion and skilled familial tradition. The reason these products have remained with this family for ages and with a continued sense of expertise is due to the long held desire to satisfy the customers’ need for Christmas and Easter decorations. This desire is the road map for every Rascher family creation.

This creative market expertise as further lead to the first hand creation of new handmade fine art wood products ranging from wood apples, musical boxes, pyramids, snow men and hand carved camels. The nutcrackers range from premium, classic, miniature, small, extra-large, natural and mini riders. These products are of a uniqueness in that they have a magical means of not just being useful as Easter and Christmas celebratory decorations, but as true decorative arts anytime, any day, all year long. The cautious creative processes for these wood products have led to a continued trend of high durability, client fascination and acceptance. On these bases, the Rascher family wood-arts have thereafter transverse the local boundaries of Germany to every part of the world. You can make orders on e-bay and may have to not pay for shipment in some instances. Such online orders may only be necessary if the Rascher family wood art products are not available in your locality.

For these handmade wood art products, the Rascher family creations are the best. No gainsay, you’ll hardly ever find a company with such long history of wood art dedication, craftsmanship, material quality and rarity, product evident excellence and continued wood art creations with utmost artistry. Light up your kid’s holiday with a horde of nutcrackers so that she wakes up from her dream with a smile. Try out that Rascher family product in the fine wood art store closest to you or for your specific model demand, make orders from e-bay.

You’re in the best and safest hands!