Design of Our Nutcrackers

On average, one handmade nutcracker doll has sixty different pieces. They are often traditionally made to resemble soldiers. Some types of nutcrackers include traditional nutcrackers, Steinbach the nutcracker, Herr Drosselmeyer, soldier and king, Ulbricht Woodland Santa, Uncle Sam, Chubby Steinbachs, Pastel Nutcrackers, Scrooge nutcrackers, Giant nutcrackers and others.
Soldier and king nutcrackers are only a depiction of soldiers and kings. These nutcracker sorts are the earliest figurative nutcrackers and as like-new time designs from Holiday Lane.

Popular German Gifts

We’re the Exclusive Distributor for Rascher’s German Gifts

Who We Are

The Peter Rascher family have a traditional history of the nutcracker and other German wood art craftsmanship. We are located in Bavaria in Germany. Bavaria has a distinctive culture which mostly results from its former catholic majority. Bavarians have a strong cultural heritage they’re most proud of. It includes festivals, cozy hospitality, language, architecture and natural beauty. Nutcracker Castle is the Rascher’s family seller and distributor of nutcrackers in the United States.

How are Nutcrackers Made

The exciting process involved in making nutcrackers include some turning, sanding, painting, and assembling process amidst others.
Next, there’s the need for the following; a computer, Irfanview, table saw, band, saw, router table, drill/driver, various wood hand working tools, small welder and capacity lathe
The steps involved include:

Step 1: Planning, concept and choice of materials
Step 2: Starting from the base
Step 3: Drum construction
Step 4: Hips Section
Step 5: PVC feet and Steel pipes
Step 6: Chest section
Step 7: Head
Step 8: Hat section
Step 9: Hands and Arm,
Step 10: Paint and Finish

Handmade Holiday Gifts

Wooden cuff bracelets, wooden measuring spoons, ornament, candles, BBQ Kit, Recipe Box, Reed diffuser, wood coasters, napkins.